Reality – 56

She shivered not because of his caresses, but because she felt the cold air on her shirtless torso. She felt his breath, his teeth, his fingertips running down her spine as if she were sacred: a masterpiece to be admired and touched gently. She was no painting, however, and her heart was torn apart. She wanted her body to be ripped to shreds as well.

Anne inhaled his scent. It wasn’t his. The skin, the eyes, the hair… nothing was his. That wouldn’t do.

“Lee, please stop,” she breathed, her eyes blurred.

He did. He wouldn’t. He hadn’t stopped, ever.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“I can’t, not today” she said. “Do you smoke?”

“Occasionally, yeah” a confused look on his face “Why?”

Anne put her clothes on. “Bring your cigarettes tomorrow” she whispered, and left.

“Anything for you, princess” he grinned.

She met him the next day and brought him a gift. A perfume he usually wore, but he didn’t need to know that. He was smoking a cigarette and she couldn’t help but think his mouth curved around it just like his. She laughed – who would have thought she would have thought such things about “cancer sticks” – and he smiled back. Poor fellow probably imagined she had laughed because she was happy to see him.

Dusk made the room darker and he looked just like him in the dark. She smelled his perfume. There was smoke in his breath, he breathed just like him. She let herself go. She let him in.

His touches left hot trails on her skin because they were his now. She felt him in her heart and in her body. His name was in her mind, but never left her lips: it was a well-kept secret she would never tell. She screamed.

Her eyes were closed. His scent mixed with hers like it had before, his heat felt like a torrent to her core.

Anne thought she should feel dirty. She should feel bad, guilty, cruel; but she didn’t. Right now, with him, she felt in Paradise.

Reality 56: Anything for you


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